Why Choose Aspire2BLean?

Aspire2BLean offers more than just a textbook approach to Lean processes; we combine detailed knowledge of Lean tools and techniques with a quarter of a century of hands on production experience, along with professional coaching skills, to deliver the Lean Approach in the most effective and sustainable way possible.

The Aspire2BLean team

John Cockburn-Evans and his team have extensive experience in business and management, coaching and mentoring. From large-scale production processes to individual mind-sets, Aspire2BLean have all the knowledge that you need backed by a wealth of experience in different industry sectors. They understand the Productivity and Performance challenges you face every day in the business world because they have been in your position and experienced the same pressures and problems. John actively mentors’ start-up companies through the Invest East Programme

Expertise through experience

Lead coach, John Cockburn-Evans, has served 25 years as an operations’ expert and a further 10 years as a senior management consultant. His industry experience includes many different areas of manufacturing operations, as both an operational leader and consultant. He has driven cultural change successfully in the most difficult environments, and as a certified Production System Black Belt and Lean Practitioner, his skills are in demand across the world.

A scalable approach

John will always take the lead on all projects, so you will benefit from his unrivalled range and experience. For larger projects, he can call upon a team of highly qualified coaches and business mentors to assist in achieving change. So, whatever the size of your business, you can count on Aspire2BLean to deliver both a bespoke, personal service and the full-scale support you need. Pricing is cost effective, value based, and is referenced to the nature and scale of the work. We are always looking for significant engagements, which will be priced competitively using quality resources.

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Performance Coaching

Alongside our Lean Approach services, our team offers coaching at all stages of the delivery process as appropriate. Furthermore, we are also able to offer a deeper level of business coaching and mentoring through our subsidiary company Accendit. John and his associates are highly qualified to an international standard, and experienced professional coaches who can offer Leadership Coaching  and high quality Team Coaching that delivers both career focus and a real impact to the bottom line. Find out more about Accendit.

Aspire2BLean - Lead Consultant

I am an experienced Operations Expert (25 years) and Management Consultant (5 years), having worked in the process industries. I have executed large construction projects, in the UK and abroad. In addition I have lead all sorts of cultural change projects. These have included, changing the physical facilities, to improving process discipline and eliminating physical and transactional waste.




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