There was an interesting point of view from Daniel Dennett (Philosopher) on BBC Newsnight last night on AI. Computers are getting faster and smarter, but are we truly building AI, with more clever algorithms. His view was that we are creating “Super Tools”, which is an interesting perspective. With all the buzz around IOTIOE at the moment, we are getting more efficient and better connected.

This is of course is a classic “Lean” , i.e. reducing waiting time, defects, motion etc. However a powerful tool is only as good as the person using it or driving it. This was in part Daniels’ point. In any system or approach it is important that all those affected by it, or affect it, (guardians) fully understand the scope and purpose of  the system or approach. One could argue that in a fast moving approach that in a fast moving environment, critical understanding of these parameters could hamper progress. However, I would argue that when systems start to become self driving or perpetuating, that also generates unnecessary waste, and its corollary a lack of understanding. Furthermore we all  have already experienced the wastage of unnecessary complexity, and the confusion it can bring.  Interesting times ahead as we don’t want to hamper technological innovation, but make sure that we don’t generate waste in the process of trying to remove it.

Artificial Intelligence

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