A Bespoke Solution

While the goals of a Lean Approach are universal, the implementation needs to be tailored to your individual organisation to have the maximum effect on process and productivity. Where some companies will only offer off-the-shelf solutions, Aspire2BLean assess every organisation in detail to decide the correct blend of Lean tools to use and the most effective format for delivery.

Step by step

Aspire2BLean consulting comprises a series of steps:

  • High level analysis – supported by a value stream map
  • Early focus – identifying areas of concern
  • Application of Lean tools – to analyse operations in depth
  • Roadmap development – determining other initiatives, timings and goals
  • Selecting teams – setting up task and work teams to execute plans
  • Coaching leaders – to support the Lean change processes
  • Establishing mind-set – introducing all staff to the 8 Wastes approach
Employee engagement

Although, as a leader, you will observe a culture shift and significant savings from applying a Lean Approach, a successful Lean programme is not driven by large-scale institutional change. It is characterised by a multitude of small-scale achievements and discreet initiatives applied by individuals on a day to day basis. Aspire2BLean will work with your team to encourage engagement and co-operative working within the new Lean Approach.

Creating sustainable change

The Lean Approach is not a quick fix, but rather an on going change in your business philosophy. Aspire2BLean will always ensure that the changes you need are firmly established and fully sustainable before we finish any deployment. Furthermore, we remain available for as long as you need us to deliver support and supplemental coaching as required.

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