I am normally used to  rapid change in the context of manufacturing processes and in certain cases, other elements of business culture, all with the backdrop of productivity. However, I have more recently thinking about social media platforms.  I was a late comer to social media driven by a lack of knowledge and being of a generation that evolved from letters to memos to email.  As I drive my own business, I am  becoming more aware of the powerof digital media and platforms. What I find interesting is not just the way  certain platforms are used by certain age groups and demographics, but the speed of which the technology develops in a way that forces you to think rapidly and deeply you use for support and digital marketing.  In addition to taking to Twitter and Instagram, I invested in some CRM software in 2019. I am now looking at even more lead generation software with increased functionality.  Just like in industry trying to keep up with the pace of change is a challenge, as the majority of us are time poor.

With this in mind, I have engaged a marketing expert for help, because I realised that I had neither the time nor the knowledge to take the correct decisions. I had always seen myself as the intelligent client, i.e. do your research and try and understand all the key aspects before you decide on a package.  It now makes much more sense to ask an expert, particularly in a dynamic environment, like digital media.  Furthermore an expert will advise you on aspects or facets you didn’t know existed. This is another key aspect of  productivity, you use the right people with the right knowledge at the right time. If you wish to be an intelligent client, then definitely ask an expert.  That way you can  be strategic, and also look at the detail.  As I mentioned earlier, the pace of change is a defining factor, and reacting appropriately with the right level of expertise is critical. Being productive is not just about efficiency, but in this time poor environment it allows us to increase our personal bandwidth.


Productivity Everywhere – Know when you need to ask for help

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