Productivity Readiness Assessment

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help leaders try and ascertain whether they are getting the most out of their processes, whether it be business or manufacturing, and their people. It is easy to get the impression that we are at our most productive and forget there may be new approaches/technologies that can help especially if our approaches have been the same for a while. It’s intention is to provoke deeper questions, not solve immediate problems.

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Are your operations running as efficiently as you believe they could?
Are your fixed costs higher than they need to be?
Are all your workforce fully engaged in productive work?
Do you consider that productivity is critical to your business?
Are you carrying more stock than you need?
Could I reduce the footprint of my factory or warehouse?
Our operational processes are too labour intensive?
Would you like to know more how to engage your staff and optimise your productivity?
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Productivity Readiness