We all do the “Talk” of de-cluttering at this time of year, but it is time to do the “Walk”. It is easy to just throw a few things out, but that does not set us up for success. We need to to go beyond that, and to use Lean Terminology, follow a 5S approach, where we don’t just “Sort” the stuff we don’t need, we follow-up by “Setting In Order” , “Shining”, “Standardising” & “Sustaining”. Easily said but not so easily done. Most people people or organisations stumble at the “Shine” part because they believe the work is done, and they have not sustained the earlier stages. However with the Aspire approach, we ask people to standardise and sustain, each of the first 3 stages before moving on, which leads to a long term effective outcome. This is a state of mind as well as an approach. This is not about housekeeping but discipline and continuous improvement


Starting the New Year in the correct Frame of Mind

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