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Move Away from the Grey

In our rapidly changing business environment, things are rarely black and white. It is in these grey areas where waste appears, costing your company both directly, in your bottom line, and indirectly, in missed opportunities and unfulfilled potential. Aspire2BLean offers you high end coaching, from an experienced industry expert, which will help you and your team to move away from the grey and see things more clearly, changing your mind-set to create real change in your organisation.

The Lean Approach

The Lean Approach aims to identify and challenge waste across your company, and reduce it, or eliminate it completely, by optimising your processes. Fat is the part of your activity that your customer is not prepared to pay for, and so the costs fall to you. A leaner organisation has the muscle to succeed efficiently and effectively.

The benefits of lean

In some businesses, as much as 90% of activity does not add value, and what does not add value, simply adds costs. The Lean Approach increases productivity by optimising production and reduces fixed operating costs, easing the financial burden. It also reduces risks across the board, from improving process safety to avoiding financial over-commitment, leaving your company well placed to meet market demand.

A sustainable solution

The Lean Approach is not just a one off review; it is a change of mind-set at every level of your organisation that will deliver lasting, sustainable change. Aspire2BLean provides coaching and support that will engage your workforce and encourage them to make the multitude of small changes every day, which add up to a significant shift in both culture and costs.

Harnessing new technology

Rapidly advancing technology, such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the Internet of Things, can provide unrivalled opportunities for reducing process waste and enhancing a Lean approach. However this will only happen if they are perceived in a positive way. Aspire2BLean will help you to create a culture that embraces these advances and re-frames change as something to be welcomed and encouraged rather than feared.