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Aspire2Blean is a bespoke high end consultancy which is passionate about removing process waste and about business process optimisation. We can deliver tailored solutions in the arenas of Operational Excellence, Capital Effectiveness, Process Safety and Behavioural Safety. This work is built on the principles of “Lean”, which allow us to remove waste while increasing capability, leading to a significant improvement in agility and responsiveness and therefore overall effectiveness.

Our approach is to execute a Loss & Waste Analysis at the genesis of the engagement, identifying where the waste elimination will provide you financial benefits. We will use the appropriate Lean Tools, such as Kaizen, 5S, Kanban, Value, Stream Mapping, Product Wheel and others to deliver the improvements. However “Lean” is not just a set of tools, but a mind-set. “Fat is the piece of activity that the customer is not prepared to pay for”. On this basis Aspire2BLean will set the context for waste reduction and elimination, using the lean concept of the 8 Wastes and will raise the awareness through training. Our approach will lead to the elimination of most of the fat, but none of the muscle in your operation.

As Principal Consultant, I am an experienced Operations Expert (25 years) and Management Consultant (5 years), having worked in the process industries. I have executed large construction projects, in the UK and abroad. In addition I have lead all sorts of cultural change projects. These have included a range of accomplishments, from changing the physical facilities to improving process discipline and eliminating physical and transactional waste. I have also worked in other areas of manufacturing operations, as both an operational leader and as a coach.

I have been involved with Process Improvement within Chemical, FMCG, Automotive, Engineering, Oil & Gas and Wind Industries at locations in the UK, ECE & EMEA. I have extensive experience in driving cultural change in difficult environments. I have the unique capability of being able to bring other practice elements, such as Capital Effectiveness and Process Safety in the context of Lean to drive Operational Excellence. I can facilitate change by creating the correct environment for sustainability. Whether working on large or small engagements, I will knuckle down and solve problems.

In addition to working in industry, I have used these skills in order to contribute to charitable events and organisations. I am a highly motivated and driven person, which is also exemplified through my other passion which is motor racing.

I have coached and continue to coach senior executives and corporate “High Potentials”.

As principal consultant, I will direct any engagement but will use associates with similar credentials for larger deployments. For very large engagements, I will partner with other high end consultancy firms with whom I have relationships.

  • OPEX & Lean Assessments
  • OPEX Improvement Plans & Execution
  • Lean Consulting & Training
  • ESOS /Energy Assessments & Execution
  • Facility Layout Optimisation & Re-Design
  • Facility Upgrade Advice


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