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In our rapidly changing business environment, things are rarely black and white. It is in these grey areas where waste appears, costing your company both directly, in your bottom line, and indirectly, in missed opportunities and unfulfilled potential. Aspire2BLean offers you high end consulting and supportive coaching, from experienced industry experts, which will help you and your team to Enable & Accelerate®. You will see things more clearly, changing your mindset in a way that creates real change in your organisation, reduces waste and improves the bottom line. We work at the strategic and operational level, giving you the advice and support you need. The level of work and detail is determined by your needs. We work to a set of principles, not a fixed formula which means the client gets the best value for money, with no non-value adding work.

Agile Thinking

The recent unprecedented events have demonstrated that thinking in an agile way is critical to the success of any work. The days of thinking in just a linear way will not serve us in a world where we have less predictability. We need to consider the differences between complication and complexity and the use of scenario planning and systems thinking to be truly agile. Knowing where you are and what you must do is critical.

There is often confusion between Agile and Lean, but if you treat both as mindsets, they are similar and have the same key principles around getting work turned round as quickly as possible with the least effort and waste. The tools may differ slightly but that does not matter. Working to a set of principles, supported by a set of appropriate tools delivers the best results.

This approach is industry agnostic and based on our multi-sector experience. We have worked in industries ranging from petrochemicals to mining, agriculture, energy, automotive and many others. This experience enables us to bring new ideas from one area to another.

Aspire2BLean can help you on your agile and lean journey to excellence.

The Lean Approach

The Lean Approach aims to identify and challenge waste across your company, and reduce it, or eliminate it completely, by optimising your processes. The waste is the element of your activity that your customer is not prepared to pay for and so the costs fall to you. A leaner organisation has the muscle to succeed efficiently and effectively

The Benefits Of Lean

In some businesses, as much as 90% of activity does not add value, and what does not add value, simply adds costs. The Lean Approach increases productivity by optimising production and reduces fixed operating costs, easing the financial burden. It also reduces risks across the board, from improving process safety to avoiding financial over-commitment, leaving your company well placed to meet market demand.

A Sustainable Solution

The Lean Approach is not just a one-off review; it is a change of mind-set at every level of your organisation that will deliver lasting, sustainable change. Aspire2BLean® provides coaching and support that will engage your workforce and encourage them to make the multitude of small changes every day, which add up to a significant shift in both culture and costs. Please reach out to us you wish to know more.

Harnessing New Technology

Rapidly advancing technology, such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the Internet of Things, can provide unrivalled opportunities for reducing process waste and enhancing a Lean approach. However, this will only happen if they are perceived in a positive way. Aspire2BLean® will help you to create a culture that embraces these advances and re-frames change as something to be welcomed and encouraged rather than feared.

Feedback and Reviews

What our clients are saying about Aspire2BLean

John is a Chartered Engineer with multiple accreditation. His experience in the world of engineering enabled him to carve out an extremely successful career in lean management and sustainability. Through these initiatives he cultivated broader expertise in organizational change and as a Certified Professional Coach.

In 2017, John was appointed to lead the Change Management course on the Maastricht-Suffolk Executive MBA Programme, for which he received universal praise from our students. His extensive industrial experience lent empirical colour to his command of the theoretical materials, while his pedagogical style was accessible, amiable and thoroughly engaging. John comes highly recommended.

Dr Tom Vine

Maastricht-Suffolk Executive MBA Programme Leader – PhD Programme Coordinator

Suffolk Business School, University of Suffolk

I first met John back in 2010 in my capacity as Maintenance & Reliability Champion for the Production System at Sibur Moscow. I found John’s approach professional and engaging with a strong knowledge of all aspects of “Lean” and Process Engineering. He was particularly good at working closely with the team and asking both challenging and provocative questions as a means of building understanding and knowledge transfer with the team.

John led both the Operations Evaluation Team and then the Pilot Implementation Team at the Sibur Voronezneh site, where I was the client champion. John executed his duties swiftly and effectively hitting all the key milestones. John & his team were able to identify Uptime savings leading to significant financial benefit. John was personable and his passion/energy enabled the team to deliver Improvements.

Alexander Mazhorin

Director. OMS implementation

Gazprom Neft

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